About LocoLingo's Ambassador Program

Are you an influential college student looking for real world work experience? Join LocoLingo's team and become an official campus director/ambassador. We're looking for outgoing students who have the power to help promote LocoLingo at your school!

Here's what you will get:

  • Real world work experience within a tech company - put this on your resume to impress people!
  • Ability to request letters of recommendation or help from top executives whenever you need it!
  • The chance to get promoted and work full time with the LocoLingo team!
  • The chance to win weekly drawn prizes for our ambassadors of cash, gift cards, technology gadgets and more!
  • Access to executives and employees within LocoLingo's team for support, guidance, networking, or even just to talk!
  • Materials to help promote LocoLingo such as flyers, shirts, lanyards and more - you will be looking stylish!
  • Ability to list your position in LocoLingo on your LinkedIn & social accounts!

Become part of something big:

As an ambassador of LocoLingo you have the power to be part of something big. Use your resources to spread LocoLingo around your school. As a campus ambassador you will be expected to spread LocoLingo's brand image around to other students. Use your power of social media, word of mouth, and personal promotion to help LocoLingo grow. You will get the great opportunity to be highly valued in a positive and fast growing startup with many other benefits and rewards.

Apply Now To Become An Ambassador

Don't be afraid, it doesn't hurt to apply. If you get accepted we will give you information on communication, weekly prizes, resources and more!