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You can download our free Iphone or Android app by clicking Here

First sign up for an account. After that, you can view posts from local people on the home feed. You can like and comment on those photos as well as start a direct messaging chat with the person who posted. You can adjust your radius or filters by clicking the button in the top right corner on the home feed. To share your own photos & videos go to the camera tab and either take a new photo or video or upload one from your camera roll. To manage your profile and settings go to the profile tab.

Yes, because LocoLingo only works by using your current location. However, we only use your location while you are using the app. Your location is used for required purposes that allow the app to function properly. This includes things like viewing posts on the home feed, sharing a new post, and direct messaging.

Posts are strictly monitored by administrators. Any posts that contain spam, violence, bullying, threats, criminal activity, sexual violence & content, and regulated goods will be removed. If needed, LocoLingo administrators will work with law enforcement based on the level of severity.

If your account was deactivated, you most likely violated our terms of service. If you think there was a mistake, please contact us by email.